Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink Ribbon Pilates giveaway

Tuesday is yoga day at the Observer, when certified Kripalu yoga instructor Nancy Nicholson comes to the building and leads a class at lunchtime.

I've worked in enough other offices to recognize this is conveniently wonderful. Because once you get over the initial awkwardness of doing downward dog in front of one of your 12 bosses, it really is nice to get away from your desk and do something that helps prevent feeling like (too much of) a crazy person.

So, in the interest of physical and mental wellness for all...

Gaiam has released two new products in its Pink Ribbon Collection: the Pink Ribbon II yoga mat and a Pink Ribbon Pilates dvd, from celebrity Pilates instructor Mari Winsor. ($1 from the sale of each of these goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. )

This is Gaiam's second annual Pink Ribbon (3 mm) mat, which features inspirational messages and comes with a free download for a yoga workout. Suggested retail is about $22.

Pink Ribbon Pilates features four 20-minute Pilates workouts and includes a resistance band to help you get more from each session. Suggested retail is about $15.

We've got one copy of Pink Ribbon Pilates to give away. Email me with the subject line "Pink Pilates" and include your name and daytime phone number. We'll pick a winner Friday afternoon.

(And if you're ever in the area around noon on Tuesdays, you're welcome to come to yoga day. The first class is free.)


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