Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scarves, snow boots and Rodarte's 'Star Wars' dresses

This #snowpocalypse isn't expected to be nearly as cold as the last.

But an official "winter storm warning" goes into effect at 6 p.m., so it seems a festive occasion to consider layering up, snow gear, etc.

Daily Worth has put together eight shop-able slides on what to wear when you want warmth without "frump."

Personally, I can't be without some type of scarf at all times, so extra love for scarves.net's "Scarf Knot Library." (It's been around on Pinterest for ages, but this seems the perfect time to break out a refresher on the double-knot or the double-wrap neck knot.)

Who needs bread and milk?

And I'm probably more excited than necessary about finally getting a true test of the new snow boots.

To be fair, I spent more than a year debating these boots. I read a review - around Christmas 2012 - that these were the best boots for winter travel: waterproof, warm and super lightweight in a suitcase.

I've still got family in Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin, all places that see plenty of snow. So it seemed prudent (at some point) to get a pair of travel-friendly boots.

There's a cozy inner-liner (see the plaid bits) that slips in and out of the boot and the outer boot casing can fold in half/flat. So I put them on my Amazon wish list and got emails about price fluctuations for months.

I think it might have been August or September, but at one point they were nearly half the price of when I'd started eyeballing them. That was finally permission to purchase.
Oh, Teva, you're about so much more than just sandals.
During the year's previous "snow event," the parking lot of my apartment complex was pure treachery. It was hardly an inch of snow, but the feet stayed warm, dry and the tread kept me from falling on my face.

We'll see how they hold up to the predicted 6.5 inches we're allegedly in for.

And if the impending winter weather hasn't made Charlotte feel enough like an alternate universe for you, check out the Star Wars dresses that Rodarte had on the runway today at #NWFW, courtesy of (British) Vogue.

Yes to the Death Star
Be safe and stay warm!