Friday, November 1, 2013

"Catching Fire" and CoverGirl

Happy November.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," movie comes out in three weeks and CoverGirl is playing to the female fanbase with the limited-edition release of its Capitol Collection.

The line features a range of products - eye shadows, lipstick, nail polish, etc. - in 12 different looks, representing the 12 districts of Panem.

"The Capitol Beauty Studio" on CoverGirl's website breaks down each look with the products used, inspiration source, a video tutorial, a before and after photo mash-up of the models, tips on toning down the fantastical elements of the look for everyday wear and each district's "nail look." (Probably the most fun.)

The product designations centralize around "Catching Fire" as a common theme, with "Flamed Up" curl mascara; "Sizzle" lip gloss and nail polish names such as "Inferno," "Sulfur Blaze," "Scalding Emerald" and "Black Heat," among others.

The Capitol Collection appears to be available at most national retailers, as well as number of online merchants such as Amazon.

I find it interesting that a makeup company is hyping "The Hunger Games" franchise.
Not only because the dystopian story revolves around teens (the most likely consumers) killing one another, but particularly because author Suzanne Collins used outrageous cosmetic procedures - such as vividly dyed skin and hair - to show how vapid and wasteful Capitol citizens were.


I trust this campaign will still make millions.