Friday, March 28, 2014

That 'J. Crew model' glow

You either love J. Crew or you really don't.

My cousins trend towards the love side, and they both look great in those print skirts, bright, preppy sweaters and seemingly endless layers. (It probably helps that they're waif thin, too.)

If it didn't take an act of congress to get me to tuck a shirt in, I'd probably wear more of their clothing, especially if it were a bit closer to my price range.

Collection pencil wrap skirt in cubist print
Me + this look = not going to happen
Regardless of your feelings on their apparel, J. Crew models are apparently renowned for their fresh-faced, natural looks.

 Marled linen V-neck sweater

I hadn't ever really given them much thought (beyond cursing their baby giraffe thighs) but the beauty world went nuts last week when the clothing line's stylists revealed their secret weapon.

The dewy (yet not greasy) glow comes courtesy of RMS Beauty. The organic makeup line's Living Luminizer and Lip2Cheek tint are credited for the models' "lit from within" look.

Lip2Cheek tint in Demure ($36)

RMS Beauty's Living  Luminizer ( $38)
Prices vary depending where you're buying from, but J. Crew is also selling both items.

Byrdie has a tip for those who want a faux-glow without spending money (assuming you already have it in your toolkit): Use the same light-colored eye shadow that you use on your brow bone as a highlighter.

Master a Quick Glow

Will have to test that theory, though I suspect the shadow finish - matte vs. pearl, etc. - would make a difference. (And I'd assume that either way, the lighter the hand, the better.)

Happy weekend, stay dry!