Friday, January 24, 2014

'But it's cold out'

Despite all the deceptive sunshine lately, it's not exactly pleasant outside. And it doesn't sound like we can expect a heat wave anytime soon.

I can hear the siren song of my electric blanket, but we learned earlier this week (through Washington Post infographics) exactly why sitting too long is truly bad for us.

So I've rounded up a couple options for the weekend that might help inspire you not to burrow in bed till Monday.

Craft time

Minus a quick trip to the craft store, you're going to be indoors all weekend anyway. Might as well have something (sparkly) to show for it come Monday.

P.S. I Made This to the rescue again with the DIY Swarovski statement ring.

Stick with it

For those who are still going strong with their New Year's resolutions, I applaud your efforts to begin with, and even more so for not letting the frigid temps derail you.

A reminder to stay on track, Daily Worth shares 12 ways to "Whittle your waistline, not your bank account." Some of the tips are more useful than others, but they make a valid point that you can find workout tools at home, no fancy or expensive "memberships" required.

Stir-crazy socialization

Want to get out and about for a bit?

doll. (a boutique) on Selwyn is hosting its "Beauty Bash: Botox, Beauty and Fashion" event Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.

Clear the racks sales, "light bites and wine." Tempting.

Added bonus: You can ask the Laura Mercier reps to help recreate the fresh-faced, minimalist look that Elle touts as a celebrity fave at Sundance.

Stay warm and happy weekend.