Friday, December 27, 2013

Chop chop

So, tomorrow is the big day. The countdown to cut is nearly over and the time to sport a significantly shorter style is here.

To be fair, when I say it'll be short, I mean medium-ish length. I lack the courage (and bone structure) for pixie cuts, no matter how glamorous and easy Emma Watson makes them look.

I still have yet to find a new style that I think my hair will cooperate with, so I guess it'll be a crash course. I've been randomly pinning styles (of very straight hair) on Pinterest for ages.

Time for bangs?

Maybe pseudo bangs?

Very long layers?

Long bob?

I realize now that over the months I've collected multiple pins of the same three celebrities' hair:

I think essentially they're all the same haircut, so I'll lean heavily on the stylist's professional judgment, advice and creative interpretation.

As far as the donation portion of the cut goes ... I spent some time trolling the internet and speaking with people who have donated in the past, in an attempt to research different organizations' legitimacy.

Despite their well-known name, Locks of Love isn't one of the groups recommended by the American Cancer Society.

The ACS recommends donations be sent to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, as well as Wigs for Kids. (There's even a Girl Scout badge for scouts who make donations to Wigs for Kids - or work to raise awareness - which is kind of awesome.)

The ACS California division page gave a bit more insight on Locks of Love: "We do not refer individuals wanting to donate their hair to Locks of Love or other similar organizations because they chiefly address alopecia areata, long-term hair loss, not short-term hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, and other drugs."


Earlier this month I got to see one of my cousins while in Kansas City. We got to talking about hair donation and she reminded me that years ago, she cut at least 10 inches of hair with the intent of sending it to Pantene. Unfortunately, the donation got derailed when the plastic baggie of hair was misplaced. (To this day, the baggie has yet to surface and I suspect she may even dread finding it.)

I received an email from a reader, sharing the experiences of her granddaughter, who has already donated hair to Pantene twice at the 'twee age of 10. (Well done, Skylar!)

Their family had also heard that certain donation companies charge recipients for the donated hair/wigs and it was their research experience that Pantene has the most legit program out there.

So, I guess it's time to start making some decisions. Pantene requires eight inches, Wigs for Kids needs 12. Whatever organization I donate to will likely get at least 15 inches.

Wish me luck, photos (and possibly video) to come...


hipQuest said...

Good luck! I know you will look beautiful. Short hair is so liberating. I hope you do post pictures.